403 Forbidden

403 Forbidden


What is The Wake

The Wake is a 5-season long miniseries designed for online distribution. It’s the epic scale of Game of Thrones meets the sci-fi intrigue of Lost, and the gritty, first-person drama of The Walking Dead. As technology advances by leaps and bounds each year, epic genre television is no longer solely the property of established studios and networks. The Wake is proof that thoughtful, dramatic, and polished looking programming can come from the hands of independent content producers.

The World of The Wake

Post-Apocalyptic universes (or at least those free of zombies and aliens) often feel empty and futile. Most often, the story becomes one of simple survival and nothing more. The characters in movies like 12 Monkeys, The Road, and The Book of Eli cling to the past, because that is what they know. The Wake is an opportunity to take a step beyond that and answer the question: what happens once society is rebuilt? We’ve built a complex and exciting new world, full of factions, allegiances, knowledge and remnants of the old world, and characters who are trying to forge a new path for both themselves and the ones they love.

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